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Re-lining Benefits

Regardless if you have a concrete or metal water tank, over time these tanks may require some maintenance. One of the most common problems with old concrete water tanks is their liner starts to leak. These leaks can be extremely small but over the period of 12 months can cause significant water loss.

Wheatbelt Tank Service offers a complete relining service using a quality Pioneer BPA free water tank linker. Before an old concrete water tank can be re-lined the structure must be completely assessed to ensure there are no leaks, cracks or other objects that may damage your new liner.

When a new liner is installed by an experienced team, not only do you reduce your water waste=age but you extend the life of your water tank, providing you with a piece of mind that your water supply is clean and secure.

Extend your tank life

With a quality Pioneer Liner

Did you know that you can easily extend the life of your concrete water tank by installing an Aqualiner from Pioneer water tanks. Their revolutionary liner will keep your water clean and secure and also extend the life of your old concrete water tank for years to come.

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